Parks, Recreation and Forestry Master Plans

Parks, Recreation and Forestry Master Plans


Parks Master Plan

Forestry Master Plan

Parkview Gardens Park Plan-Final

Parkview Gardens Park Plan-Final: Appendix A

Individual Park Master Plan Updates
Each year City staff looks to update an individual park's master plan. To date, the City Council has adopted three (3) individual park master plans. Links to the adopted plans are below:

Millar Park Master Plan

Lewis Park Master Plan

Heman Park Master Plan
   • Heman Park MP - Appendix Section 1
   • Heman Park MP - Appendix Section 2
   • Heman Park MP - Appendix Section 3
   • Heman Park MP - Appendix Section 4
   • Heman Park MP - Appendix Section 5

Fogerty Park Master Plan - Final

Majerus Park Master Plan - Final

The City is currently updating the master plan for Fogerty Park. Once this plan has been adopted by City Council, a link to the adopted plan will be provided. Currently, the Fogerty Park Master Plan information can be found under the Department of Public Works and Parks.