Tennis/Basketball Amenities

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our recreation facilities (i.e. picnic shelters, etc.) remain closed. While our City Administrators constantly review both CDC and St. Louis County guidelines, a re-opening date for these facilities has not been determined at the point.

Public Tennis Courts


· Only plastic water bottles are allowed on courts.
· Only tennis players are allowed on courts.
· Players must wear tennis shoes on courts.
· Please limit playing time to one hour when others are waiting.
· For Heman courts: lights are operational until 10:00 pm approximately mid-March through November

Tennis Court Locations

Flynn Park
5 courts
Heman Park
8 courts (lights are provided for nighttime play on 4 courts)
Kaufman Park
4 courts
Flynn Park Location Map
Fogerty Park Location Map
Heman Park Location Map
Kaufman Park Location Map

Tennis Court Tournament Rental Rates

Fees are based per court/per day. For reservations, contact Leslie Eutz, 314.505.8617.
Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations

Basketball Facilities

Outdoor Courts
Indoor Courts
Eastgate Park – 2 courts
Heman Park Centennial Commons
Heman Park – 4 courts
2 high school regulation courts
Mooney Park – 2 courts
(12 goals available)

Eastgate Park Location Map
Heman Park Location Map
Mooney Park Location Map