For Residents

With the 1902 purchase of an 85 acre tract of land on Delmar Boulevard, Edward Gardner Lewis founded University City. Lewis envisioned developing a city based upon the principles of the City Beautiful movement, with a strong emphasis on urban design and planning. This vision was conveyed through the architecturally distinct residential housing and buildings, inviting streetscapes and well-planned neighborhoods.

Today, the spirit of University City’s earliest days is reflected in a strong sense of community, business growth and enthusiastic citizen involvement. University City is a vibrant community of about 40,000 people and six square miles. The City is known for its diversity -- from the eclectic mix of commercial activities, range of housing styles, to residents who represent many economic, cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

University City’s progressive government is noted for its efficient delivery and maintenance of municipal services and streamlined local government administration. It has been recognized for developing and implementing comprehensive plans, enforcing strict and fair building and zoning codes, and creating innovative policies, such as one of the country’s first occupancy programs. University City is prepared for the future -- and will carry on its strong commitment to residents, commerce and the vision of Edward Gardner Lewis.

Property Tax Assessments and Appeals

Property taxes are assessed at the County level. The County Assessor is an elected position. You can find more information about the assessment process here.