City Clerk Information


The City Clerk:

· Keeps the journal of the Council's proceedings and authenticates and records all ordinances, resolutions and proclamations passed by the Council.

· Has the responsibility for administration of all municipal elections, working with the County Board of Election Commissioners.

· Processes and/or maintains deeds, contracts, easements, leases and bonds.

Voter Registration

The City Clerk is a deputy voter registrar for the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners. The Public Library also has voter registrars for citizens convenience.
For specific information about voting in St. Louis County (e.g., absentee voting, your poling place, valid forms of identification required to vote, etc.), please call 314-615-1800 or visit their Website at St. Louis County Board of Elections.

Notary Public

Notaries are also available in the Finance, Planning and City Manager's Office.

Sunshine Requests

Please use the City's Sunshine Request Form for all Sunshine Requests.

Forms can be hand delivered/mailed to the address at the top of this page, to the attention of the City Clerk.

Forms can also be emailed to

Copies of Municipal Documents

Miscellaneous documents
$0.10 per page
$0.10 per page
$0.10 per page
City Charter
$3.50 each
Sections of Code
$0.10 per page
Research Projects
salary of person doing the research
Certifications of Ordinances, Minutes and Code Sections
$2.50 per certification