Green Practices Commission

The Green Practices Committee was formed in July 2008. The Committee was formed to provide guidance to the City to continue reducing its carbon footprint in accordance with the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement by 2012 and increase green practices throughout the University City community, including the City itself, residential households, businesses, schools and other institutions.

As of August 2011, the Committee is now the Green Practices Commission. The Commission acts in an advisory capacity to the Council. The Commission will study the sustainability practices of the City in the following areas: ecosystems/habitat, water/storm water, air quality/transportation, waste/resource conservation, land use/open space/parks, energy and green buildings. The Commission has the following powers and duties, including but not limited to:
-Establish sustainability goals, prioritize and track progress;
-Review and advise the City regarding projects and initiatives for all development and redevelopment;
-Establish a list of prioritized projects to be initiated by the City.

Background and Sustainable Green Practices

Green Practices Commission brochure

Officers are nominated and elected annually following the procedures of Dynamic Governance. The Commission is made up of an impressive list of community leaders who have backgrounds in engineering, science, architecture and sustainability. They include:

  • John Solodar, Chair of the Commission
  • Jonathan Stitleman, Member
  • Timothy Dugan, Member 
  • Mary Gorman, Member 
  • Adam Staudt, Member
  • Barbara Brain, Member
  • Elizabeth Essman, Member
Tim Cusick, City Council Liaison
Jenny Wendt, Staff Liaison

The Green Practices Commission meets the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm at the Heman Park Community Center, 975 Pennsylvania Avenue. Visitors are welcome. For more information, please contact Jenny Wendt at 314-505-8562 or

Green Practices Commission (GPC) Agendas, Minutes, and Audio Files