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The Commission for Access and Local Original Programming (CALOP) is responsible for studying the art, cultural and historical programming needs of University City and encouraging development of programs that meet those needs. The Commission maintains a current Five Year Plan to guide its efforts. Consistent with that plan, CALOP authorizes grants to produce programming, encourage and train local filmmakers and otherwise support the development and distribution of programming that showcases the art, culture and history of University City and the region.

Videos funded by CALOP are available for check-out at the University City Library and copies of “University City: The First Century” are available for purchase. Programs are broadcast on HEC-TV (digital channel 989). Programs are also broadcast on Charter’s Regional Access Channel 18.

CALOP calls for grant applications from local producers on a periodic basis. In “open” grant rounds, producers are encouraged to propose subject matter consistent with the CALOP’s mission and vision statements as detailed in the Five Year Plan. From time to time CALOP may also request proposals to produce programming on specific subjects of particular interest to the city and region.

There are seven voting members who must be residents. At least one member is chosen from a group of three nominees submitted to the City Council by the franchisee. Members should have a background or knowledge of at least one of three areas: telecasting/cablecasting, educational programs, cultural activities. The term of office is three years. There are four non-voting members: a Councilmember, a representative of the Higher Educations Consortium of Greater St. Louis, a representative from the University City School District, and a representative of the franchisee.

For additional questions about CALOP, please call Lynda Euell-Taylor City Staff Liaison, at (314) 505-8525, or email  Lynda Euell-Taylor

Staff Liaison:  Lynda Euell-Taylor

Council Liaison: Bwayne Smotherson
CALOP Commission Agenda and Minutes