Infill Review Board

The Infill Review Board (IRB) shall review certain requests for residential lot subdivisions and shall review certain residential building permits that may significantly affect the nature of an existing neighborhood. The board will field complaints in matters of residential infill to ascertain whether the desires of the neighboring property owners and the applicant can be brought closer together.

The IRB shall have no power to adopt, enforce, or administer any regulation or ordinance. Their occasional advisory reports will be presented to the Plan Commission and City Council. An IRB review will be triggered only when 60% of residents near a new site petition for a public meeting with the applicant.

Many IRB members should be knowledgeable in house design and construction and/or residential landscaping. Members must be willing to be consistently available for meetings called, at times perhaps twice a month. Their primary advice will be to suggest ways in which a proposed infill building can be brought into harmony with the existing neighborhood.

Meeting Frequency: As needed
Council Liaison: Mayor Terry Crow
Staff Liaison: John Wagner

Infill Review Board Agendas, Minutes, and Meeting Audio Files