Environmental Services


University City employs two environmental inspectors to provide enforcement of all City ordinances that pertain to the environmental status of the City. Their duties include, but are not limited to, animal and vector control, weed and litter control. The division is headed by Jim Blizzard. For a brochure about environmental services, click here.

Courtesy Warnings

Courtesy warnings are given to owners of properties in University City that have violated an ordinance of some kind. The owner is given a certain time period to rectify the situation. If the situation is not corrected, a complaint will be signed, and the owner will be issued a summons to appear in court.

Property Upkeep

All City residents are required to keep their property and adjacent public property cleaned and free of weeds, leaves, tall grass and litter. Weeds and grass must be kept below 7 inches in residential areas and below 12 inches for vacant lots.

Remove any brush or litter from your property and dispose of it properly. Burning paper, leaves or trash is a violation of city ordinances.

Post house numbers so that they are visible from street and alleys. Numbers must be in Arabic numerals and at least 3 inches tall.

Motor Vehicles - Derelict

Motor vehicles that are inoperable or in violation of state vehicle safety statutes, or do not have current state license plates cannot be parked on private or public property. All motor vehicles must be parked on paved surfaces. The city can remove unlicensed or derelict cars.

Pet Care

Animal Control Ph: (314) 505-8508
All dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies. Dogs are required to have a dog license which is $3 and available in the Finance Department, Ph: (314-505-8544).  Proof of vaccination is required for the license. The City and Dr. Gary Yavitz sponsor a rabies vaccination clinic for cats and dogs. Dr. Yavitz provides a one year rabies vaccination and preliminary health exam for dogs and cats.

By City ordinance, pit bull dogs have to meet special requirements in order to obtain a dog license. Please contact the Animal Control Officer at (314) 505-8508 for further information regarding the special requirements.
Keep your dog on a leash when off your property. Stray dogs should be reported to the animal control office at (314) 505-8508 or (314) 505-8500.  After business hours, call the Police Department at (314) 725-2211.

The City enforces a "pooper-scooper" law. All feces must be removed from any property, so take a bag when you walk your pet. Loud and continuous barking is prohibited. The non-emergency Police Department phone line at (314) 725-2211.

In single and two family residences, there is a limit of two adult pets. In multifamily residences, the limit is one adult pet per unit.

Alley Dumpsters

Place trash in bags for alley service. Don't put yard waste, furniture or appliances in dumpsters or in the alley for collection.