Responsibilities After Obtaining a Permit

Once a permit has been issued, there are certain responsibilities placed on the homeowner and contractor. These responsibilities are:

  • The permit must be posted on the jobsite during the entire time of construction.
  • The authorization card must be visible from the street and in an accessible location for the inspector to sign the card.
  • All inspections must be scheduled a minimum of 24 hours in advance.
  • Do not continue work without first having each phase inspected and approved. This office does not consider the job complete until the final inspection has been made and approved.

Required Inspections

Different inspections are required for each permit. Required inspections are:


  • Footing (prior to pouring)
  • Foundation wall (prior to pouring and after reinforcing is placed)
  • Braced wall panel
  • Vapor barrier
  • Framing (prior to installation of insulation and drywall.)
    • Please schedule Electrical, Mechanical, and/or Plumbing rough inspections BEFORE scheduling Building Framing inspection)
  • Final (after plumbing, electric, and mechanical final approvals, and prior to occupancy)


  • Ground Rough
  • Rough
  • Final


  • Rough inspections, when appropriate, and Final


  • Rough inspections, when appropriate, and Final


  • Final only