Administrative & Accounting Services

Administrative Services

Administrative services provided by Finance include:
  • Making budget recommendations
  • Estimating expenditures and revenues
  • Analyzing financial trends and history
  • Preparing Annual Budgets and Financial Reports
  • Coordinating Collection Services handles liens for property billings
  • Overseeing audit of financial records performed by an Independent Auidtor
  • Maintaining the City's fixed asset records
  • Coordinating Collection Services Handles Liens for Property Billings
  • Overseeing Audit of Financial Records Performed by an Independent Auditor
  • Maintaining the City’s Fixed Asset Records

Debt & Investment Management

Finance oversees the management of debt and investment of funds. Finance works to reduce the outstanding obligations the city owes while executing the purchase and sale of securities to increase the city’s financial resources.


The Accounting Division records and reports all financial transactions for the city and manages the City’s accounting system. The Accounting Division provides accounting support to City departments, the City’s advisory boards and commissions, and the Library.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is responsible for disbursement of City funds to suppliers as payment for goods and services received by departments, the Library, City Commissions and Boards. Accounts payable ensures that payments are timely and disbursed using appropriate controls.


The Payroll Division coordinates payroll disbursement full time, part time and seasonal staff members of city departments and the library. Retirement pay for members of the uniformed and non-uniformed retirement system is also disbursed through the payroll division.

The Payroll Division issues W-2 and 1099 Federal Forms required for reporting wages, other forms of income, and withholding taxes. Payroll pays employee insurance premiums, processes wage garnishments, prepares quarterly tax reports, and forwards employment and earnings taxes to applicable governments. The payroll office also works closely with Human Resources to implement employee benefits and generate various employment and labor reports.

Vendor Payment
To ensure timely payment, vendor invoices should contain:

  • Purchase Order Number
  • Item Number
  • Description of Supplies or Services
  • Sizes
  • Quantities
  • Unit Prices
  • Extended Totals

Submit the invoice to the requisitioning department, unless otherwise specified. Once the invoice is approved by the requisitioning department and sent to Accounts Payable, Accounts Payable will process the invoice for payment.

Vendor's Tax ID Number

Vendors seeking payment from the City will have to submit a Tax Identification Number to Accounts Payable in order for payment to be process. Accounts Payable will issue Federal Form 1099 at the end of each tax year to all vendors that provided professional and contractual services to the City.