Solid Waste Billing

Below is the rate structure for residential solid waste service.  Solid waste services include, trash, recycle, yard waste, leave and bulk item collection.  Billing statements are issued by the Finance Department in six (6) month cycles as outlined below.  Service is billed in advance.

Billing Cycles

Route Pick Up Day 1st Billing Date 2nd Billing Date
1 Monday March 1 September 1
2 Wednesday April 1 October 1
3 Thursday May 1 November 1
4 Tuesday June 1 December 1
5 Friday July 1 January 1
For general billing questions, please call (314) 505-8544.
For information on COMMERCIAL solid waste services, please call (314) 505-8560. 

Summary of New Semi-Annual Rates

Category New Billing
​(for six months)
Rates Increase
​(for one month)
Single and Two-Family $110.10 $1.92
Single and Two-Family (Senior) $93.30 $1.62
Single and Two-Family Alley $118.44 $2.07
Single and Two-Family Alley (Senior) $102.54 $1.79
3+ Units with Alley Mechanical $78.60 $1.36

Penalty Schedule

Notice Delinquency Penalty Charge
1st Delinquent Notice 30 Days Late 5% Penalty
2nd Delinquent Notice 60 Days Late 2.5% Penalty
3rd Delinquent Notice 90 Days Late 2.5 Penalty
4th Delinquent Notice 120 Days Late 2.5 Penalty
The City encourages and appreciates timely payment of fees assessed to each property.  Solid Waste fees which are not paid 30 days after the beginning of the service period for which the bill is rendered shall be considered delinquent or past due.
  1. Senior Discount Rate
  2. Payment Options
  3. Electronic Payment
  4. Vacant Properties
  5. Yard Waste Stickers
  6. Trash Carts

University City provides a discount on solid waste services for senior citizens in single or two-family houses.  You may qualify for the senior discount rate if:

  • At least one resident of the property is 65 years of age,
  • There are no more than two (2) people living in the housing unit, (the number of occupants listed on the application will be checked against your occupancy permit)
  • You must agree to accept a smaller trash receptacle if you have a roll-out cart (60 gallon).

If you have any questions, please contact the Finance Department at (314) 505-8544.  The Senior Citizen Discount application can be returned to the address listed below or faxed to (314) 863-0921:
City of University City
Finance Department
6801 Delmar Blvd, 1st Floor
University City, MO 63130

If you decide at anytime that you would like to convert to the 90-gallon trash cart because your trash consumption has increased, you can submit a request.

Cancel Senior Discount Rate Form