Smoke Detectors

The University City Fire Department installed over five hundred smoke detectors for Universtiy City residents last year.  Working smoke detectors save thousands of lives annually, but they must be maintained and batteries replaced twice a year.  A good rule of thumb is when you change your clocks, change your batteries.  It is also recommended that smoke detectors be replaced if they are over ten years old.


The International Fire Code requires a smoke detector to be mounted at the following locations in a home.

  1. Each bedroom
  2. Hallway adjacent to each bedroom
  3. Each level of the home

EXAMPLE:  A two story home with a basement and three bedrooms on the second floor would need a total of six (6) smoke detectors.

  • (1) in each bedroom = 3
  • (1) in hallway adjoining those rooms = 1
  • (1) on first floor = 1
  • (1) in basement =1

The detectors should be mounted on the ceiling and at least 18 inches away from the wall.  Read the instruction pamphlet proviced with your detector to become familiar with the mounting requirements and functions.  Location and maintenance are key to the smoke detector performance and results.


If you reside in University City and need a smoke detector, you may stop by the nearest University City Fire Station or call 314-505-8768 to obtain, set up an installation, or just ask questions.  The fire fighters will come to you home and install smoke detectors at no cost if you need them to.

** NOTE **

University City residents residing in apartment building should contact the building owner for detectors, installation, or maintenance.