Commendations and Complaints

The University City Police Department provides police service to our community. The Department has trained its personnel to provide consistent and professional service. As a member of our community, you can assist the Department in ensuring that this level of service maintains that high level of expectation. We encourage your participation. We want you to give us information when you observe actions by the Police Department or individual police employees which you believe needs our attention. These can be both those actions which you find rewarding and those you might believe are not at an acceptable level of professional police service.

How can I commend or complain about the actions of a University City Police Department employee?

Communications regarding the performance of our personnel are vital and welcomed by the University City Police Department. We find it very informative and critical to learn about our employee's performance, whether it was outstanding and or it didn't meet your expectations.

How to Commend Officer/Employee Actions:

There are several ways in which you can make the Department aware when an employee has done particularly well in performing his or her job. You can:
  • Mail a brief letter or email to: Chief Larry Hampton
  • University City Police Department
    6801 Delmar Blvd.
    University City, Mo. 63130
  • Please describe the incident and the actions you think were exceptional. If you don't know the officer's name, please include information such as the type of incident, date, time, and location.
  • Email the compliment to Chief Hampton.
  • Make a verbal commendation by calling the Office of Chief of Police at 314-505-8652.
The Chief will notify our employees of all messages received commending their actions and, where appropriate, may award additional recognition for the employee's actions.

How to Make a Complaint
If you wish to make a complaint regarding a Department employee, you may also do so in a number of ways. You may:
  • Call the office of the Chief of Police at (314)505-8652 and ask to speak to Chief Larry Hampton
  • Contact an on-duty supervisor in person or by phone at the police station.
All complaints will be thoroughly investigated and, where appropriate, corrective and/or disciplinary action will be taken to make sure that the incident isn't repeated. Department disciplinary summaries are available upon request by contacting the Office of the Chief of Police.

For More Information on Making Commendations and Complaints

Feel free to contact the Office of the Chief of Police at 314-505-8652.