How do I update my address?

Answer: Log onto and under the "Profile" tab, click on "Addresses" to make any changes.

How do I update my bank account for direct deposit purposes?

Answer: Complete the Direct Deposit form and along with a blank, void check or letter from your bank with the routing numbers, return both to Human Resources in person.

Where do I direct questions regarding Pension, Retirement, or Payroll?

Answer: The Finance Department

What do I do if myself or a colleague is injured on the job?

Answer: Complete the Department of Labor First Report of Injury and email that to HR by the end of the business day following the injury.

How do I request an Employment Verification?

Answer: Contact HR with the entity for which you authorize the information and then have the organization email HR the requisite form.

How do I change my tax withholdings?

Answer: Submit the appropriate W-4s to HR

How do I view my current and past benefits?

Answer: Log onto and click on the "Benefits Summary" tab

How do I get dental cards?

Answer: Log onto and sign up for your password and register your account and click the “My Accounts” tab to print your dental card.

How do I get medical benefit cards?

Answer: All medical cards are mailed out within 30 days after signing up. Log on to or the Sydney App to review medical cards at any time.

Where do I find policies, procedures, and the employee handbook?

Answer: Visit and click on "Employee Intranet" at the bottom of the home page and set up your account to log in automatically each time after that.

How do I become a member of the employee wellness and safety teams?

Answer: Contact HR