Integrity-6358 Delmar Blvd.

Anyone who has visited the Delmar Loop in University City knows it offers some of the best restaurants, window shopping and nightlife anywhere in Saint Louis. But above the bustling star studded street is a hidden world few know anything about… innovative tech companies in offices quietly reshaping entire industries.

Today we walk upstairs to the top floor of the historic Tivoli Theater building to meet with Integrity Web Consulting, St. Louis’ largest privately held web software and technology marketing agency. Over its 20 year history, Integrity moved a few times as it grew, but 10 years ago decided to call Delmar Boulevard home and invest in the area.

“By far, this is my favorite street in America,” said Integrity CEO John Simanowitz. “The energy, diversity, community, great coffee… Delmar has it all. To support our constant growth, we recruit from anywhere in the nation - often cities like Seattle, New York, Boston or LA. When they visit the office and get to know the street, they are sold. All the coolness and convenience for half the cost of living. St Louis really is an amazing place for technology professionals and companies to succeed.”

With 50 employees and counting, Integrity is one of the Loop’s largest employers. A few of their clients include BJC Healthcare, Bayer, Wash U and Panera (or St. Louis Bread to us locals). “We are the region’s leading web marketing consultancy,” said Ed Morrissey, Partner and Chief Creative Officer. “This year alone, we’ve acquired several marketing firms whose clients demanded a technology-first approach. Now we manage over $10M/year in traditional and digital media (think Carol House and Imo’s Pizza).”

Know someone looking to work with the best web marketing and software development professionals in town? Just take a trip to the Tivoli Theater building or send an email to

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