Aquatics Task Force

A Mayor’s Task Force on Year-Round Aquatics was established to provide a forum for a community-wide discussion on how to provide year-round swimming opportunities in University City on a long-term basis, for the health and recreation benefits of our residents.

The City of University City provides residents with the opportunity for swimming in the outdoor pool in Heman Park in the summer months, and at the indoor Natatorium, which is owned by the School District of University City, for the rest of the year. The Natatorium was built in 1959 and is not fully-accessible or regulation sized -- significant improvements are needed to bring the indoor pool up to modern standards. In addition, the facility requires ongoing repair and maintenance, which is a financial burden for the School District.

The Task Force was charged with the following tasks.

Review the current availability for year-round swimming for all our residents and determine if the current facilities are adequate and are sustainable for the long-term.

If a determination is made that the current aquatic facilities are not sufficient, conduct the research needed to decide what type of facility/facilities would fulfill the needs of this community.

Conduct discussions with neighboring communities, agencies and organizations to determine if opportunities exist for collaborative partnerships in any new facility that might be recommended, both in the construction and use of a new facility.

Develop a rough long-term cost estimate for the construction/operation of a new facility.

Provide a plan for how the costs of constructing and operative a new facility would be covered for the long-term future.

Ensure that any and all recommendations include provisions on how University City can increase the level of swimming expertise among its residents, from the youngest to the oldest, which may include recommendations for an expanded year-round swim instruction program.

Mayor's Charge to the Task Force on Aquatics

An Aquatics Task Force survey was administered to solicit input on various items.
Aquatics Task Force Survey

The final report of the Aquatics Task Force was prepared on June 11, 2012 and is found here: Aquatics Report

For more information about the Aquatics Task Force, contact Mayor Shelley Welsch at (314) 505-8606.