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Bulk Item Collection Program


Guidelines for Disposing of Furniture and Appliances

This service allows residents to dispose of large furniture and appliances that are not accepted during regularly scheduled weekly collections. Bulk item collection occurs twice per year for every neighborhood, once in the spring and once in the fall. Bulk items are collected based on whether your address is located in the east, west or central. Acceptable bulk items are only collected by City staff at the front curb. Please do not dump items in alleys, streets or yards.

Please follow the bulk item collection guidelines outlined on the back cover of your University City calendar and as listed below:

  • Acceptable items include large furniture and appliances (stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, washer, dryers, microwaves, rugs, carpet, doors/windows (wrapped in cardboard), small air conditioning units, televisions, etc.)
  • Place no more than three large items or seven smaller items within one to three feet of the curb or street pavement for collection.
  • Place items curbside by Sunday night of your scheduled collection week. We make only one pass on each street. Don't miss your collection!
  • Be sure that access to the items is not blocked by parked vehicles.
  • For everyone's safety, wrap glass doors and tables, windows, and mirrors with cardboard.
  • Remove freon from refrigerators and air conditioners.

Acceptable: Furniture, bedding, mattresses, cabinets, doors/windows (all glass must be wrapped in cardboard), rugs, washers & dryers, refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, microwaves, toaster, small air conditioners, televisions and carpet.

Not acceptable: Hazardous materials or chemicals, commercial items or business equipment, yard waste, tree trunks, logs, building or construction type debris/materials, tires, auto batteries and motors, railroad ties, barrel drums, concrete, bricks, landscaping stones, boulders, rocks, dirt, or household trash. If any of these items are set out, the resident may be ticketed.

Your collection area
The City is divided into three areas for bulk and leaf collection. To find out the date of the next pickup in your area, call the Public Works and Parks Department at 314-505-8560.

Are you in the West, Central or East area? Call the Public Works and Parks Department at 314-505-8560 for assistance with locating your area. Your solid waste (trash bill) account must be current to participate in the bulk item or special bulk collection programs.

Pickups will take place twice each year during your scheduled week. To determine your dates, locate your home on the 
2015 Bulk Item Collection Schedule and Map

When to set acceptable items out
Place items curbside by the Sunday night of the scheduled collection week. If they are not set out by Sunday night, you may miss your collection. Having items out by Sunday night will ensure that your items are collected during the scheduled week. The City will make only one pass on each street. If you miss your collection schedule a
special bulk collection for a fee.

2015 Bulk Item Collection Schedule



       EAST                WEST     CENTRAL
All items must be at the curb by: the Sunday before the collection week begins. Week of April 27 (items must be curbside by 4/26/15)  Week of April 13 (items must be curbside by 4/12/15)   Week of April 20 (items must be curbside by 4/19/15)

All items must be at the curb by: 

the Sunday before the collection week begins. 

Week of September 14 (items must be curbside by 9/13/15)

Week of September 28 (items must be curbside by 9/27/15)

Week of September 21 (items must be curbside by 9/20/15)


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