The Administrative Services Office procures supplies, materials and equipment for the city through a centralized purchasing agent. For University City, the Director of Administrative Services operates as the Purchasing Agent. The Administrative Services Office obtains bids and proposals for supplies and services, coordinates annual contracts, and manages the city’s surplus property.

Invitations to Bid and Requests for Proposals
Invitations to bid and requests for proposals appearing on this website are for information only. The bidder or prospective bidder is responsible for obtaining the official bid and proposal packets from the City's website or from the contact person listed on the bid proposal.

Bids and Proposals Advertising
Methods for soliciting bidders are at the sole discretion of the City. The City may request bids and proposals by mail to established sources or vendor list, newspaper advertisements, or through the general public. Advertising methods are determined based on the item being purchased. A list of invitations to bid and request for proposals may also be viewed on the City’s website. To view the Bids or Requests for Proposals.

Bid Documents
The Administrative Services Office will make every effort to ensure that bid documents included on this website are factual and accurate; however, the Purchasing Division or any other agents of the city make no guarantee of the content of these web documents. It is the responsibility of the (prospective) bidder to obtain and ensure that contents are accurate by speaking directly to the Administrative Services Office.
List of Vendors
Potential vendors have the option to sign up to be e-notified either via text or e-mail of future bids and proposals by accessing New Bid Notification and picking a category (the vendor has the option to choose more than one category).

University City’s Bid Process
The Administrative Services Office obtains bids by one of the following methods: oral, written, sealed bids on non-contractual items and sealed bids on contractual terms or major purchases of capital items. The nature of the product or service is the determinant of the method of bidding. The objective is that the method of bid solicitation encourages vendors to submit bids to the city and for the city to secure the most favorable contract.

Approval of Purchases and Contracts
The city’s Purchasing Agent approves purchases up to $2,000. Purchases in excess of $2,000 are approved by the City Manager. Items with a cost of $25,000 must be approved by the City Council.

Cooperative Purchasing Contracts
The city participates in cooperative purchasing contracts which allow the city to purchase items on contracts secured by other governmental agencies such as the State of Missouri and St. Louis County, Missouri. For more information on the city’s cooperative purchasing contract practices, please contact the Administrative Services Department at 314-505-8538.

Purchasing Preferred Requirements

Bond requirements
Generally, on all contracts for supplies and contractual services, in which the contract costs exceed the sum of $25,000, the successful bidder shall furnish at his own expense a corporate surety bond in a sum equal to the full amount of the contract in favor of the city, in the event that the terms of the contract are not met in total by the successful bidder. A bond may be requested for contracts less than $25,000 at the discretion of the Purchasing Agent.

MBE/WBE Requirements
The City of University City works to enter into as many contracts as possible with minority and female business enterprises. For the city’s regulations on personnel requirements relating to employees, owners and city contractors, please refer to Section 2.58.010 and 2.58.020 of the Municipal Code.

Recycled Products
The city promotes and supports use of recycled products. Whenever feasible and practical, departments in conjunction with the Purchasing Agent shall purchase recyclable products.

American Products
The city encourages the Purchasing Agent to select, for purchases in excess of $1,000, products manufactured, assembled or produced in the United States if the quantity and price are comparable with other goods. Every contract for public works construction or maintenance in excess of $1,000 shall contain a provision requesting the contractor to use American products in the performance of the contract whenever the quality and price are comparable with other goods.