Public Projects and Programs

Forsyth Boulevard Improvements Project

The proposed improvements include resurfacing of the road, ADA improvements (curbs, curb ramps and sidewalks), Traffic Signal improvements at Forsyth and Asbury Avenue, and bicycle facilities (Share the road signage and markings) in accordance with the Gateway Bike Plan and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for the City of University City.  Traffic safety at the intersection of Forsyth Blvd and Lindell Blvd will be studied and improved.

Bicycle Facilities Project

This project provides for the implementation of bicycle facilities throughout the City in accordance with the City's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan.  Sharrows are painted, shared lane markings with Share-the-Road and Bicycle Route signage.  Sharrows are to be installed on 82nd Street, 81st Street, Purdue Avenue, Jackson Ave and Old Bonhomme.

Kingsland Ave Bridge Replacement

This project will reconstruct sections of Kingsland Ave. cover over the northeast branch of River Des Peres from south of Bartmer Ave. intersection to north of Etzel Ave. intersection.  This bridge is eligible for Federal transportation grant funding because is structurally deficient.  It is used by  commercial and residential vehicles since it provides north-south access to Olive Blvd and Page Avenue.  Design engineering is in progress and construction is scheduled for 2017.  

Loop Trolley Project Final Plans

A condensed version of the final plans for the construction of the Loop Trolley project is available for viewing at the University City Public Library, and the Public Works and Parks Department - City Hall 3rd floor.

Please click the below link to view the overall layout, Civil Plans and the Pavement Markings Plan with street light details.

Loop Trolley Project final plan

If you have any questions about these plans, please email

US Army Corps Flood Study - 
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 150716_Fogerty Park Final Master Plan Concept.jpg
Based on the community survey results and comments received from the two (2) public input meetings, a draft Final Master Plan was created and presented to the Park Commission for review and comments at the meeting on July 21, 2015. Based on citizen comments at this meeting, the consensus from the Park Commission was to remove the basketball court from the plan, incorporate the phase II parking into the first phase parking in order to accommodate park users, and increase the size of the multi-purpose court area. With this information the Final Master Plan drawing and document was created.  The design and construction phase of Fogerty Park is now underway.