Domestic Partnership Registry

University City will establish and maintain a Domestic Partnership Registry for the overall purpose of allowing individuals to declare a Domestic Partnership. The Domestic Partnership Ordinance, was passed by the City Council on May 9, 2011. The information on this page is intended to provide an overview of University City's Domestic Partnership Registry.

Individuals can now file a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the City Clerk, on the second floor of City Hall.

Definition of a Domestic Partnership

"Domestic Partnership" means a relationship between two adults who consider themselves to be members of each other’s immediate family, share a common residence and affirm that they share responsibility for each other’s common welfare.

Eligibility Requirements to Establish a Domestic Partnership

Two individuals must affirm that they meet all of the following qualifications:

Both individuals share a common residence.

Both individuals affirm that they share responsibility for each other's common welfare.

Neither individual is married to a third party.

Neither individual is part of an existing Domestic Partnership with any third party; and

Each individual is eighteen (18) years of age or older.

How to Apply for or Terminate a Domestic Partnership

The City Clerk will register the Declaration of Domestic Partnership in a registry and return a copy of the declaration form to the Domestic Partners at the address provided as their common residence. The declaration must be notarized, therefore proper identification is required. Declarations must be filed in person, with both parties present.

Declaration of Domestic Partnership

If the facts affirmed in the Declaration of Domestic Partnership cease to be true, one or both parties to a Domestic Partnership shall file a Notice of Termination of Domestic Partnership with the City Clerk. Upon receipt, the City Clerk shall return a copy of the notice marked “filed” to each of the partners, if jointly filed; or two copies to the filing partner. Unless the partners jointly file the notice, the partner filing the notice shall, within five days, send a copy of the filed notice to the other partner’s last known address. However, this requirement shall not apply if the termination is due to the death of one of the Domestic Partners.
The form "Notice of Termination of Domestic Partnership" is currently being developed and will be available on this webpage.


There is a fee of $45 for each application to establish or terminate a Domestic Partnership. The fee is payable via cash or check. Checks should be made payable to the City of University City.

The application must be notarized. If the application is notarized at City Hall, a $2 City notary fee will be charged (in addition to the $45 application fee). Applicants can have the application notarized elsewhere, and avoid the $2 City notary fee.

Rights of Registered Domestic Partnership (To the extent otherwise allowed by law)

Health Care Visitation-All health care facilities operating within the City shall allow a Registered Domestic Partner the same visitation rights as that provided a spouse (or a parent, if the patient is a Dependent of the Registered Domestic Partnership). A Dependent of a Registered Domestic Partnership shall have the same visitation rights as that provided a patient’s child.

Health Care Decisions-If a patient lacks the capacity to make a health care decision, the patient’s Registered Domestic Partner shall have the same authority as that provided a spouse to make a health care decision for the incapacitated party. This pertains to decisions concerning both physical and mental health.

Notification of Family Members-In any situation providing for mandatory or permissible notification of family members in an emergency or when permission is granted to inmates to contact family members, “notification of family” shall include Registered Domestic Partners.

Visitation Rights at City Correctional and Juvenile Detention Facilities-Any person who is a party to a Registered Domestic Partnership, pursuant to this section, shall be entitled to visit his or her Domestic Partner, or other family member of the Domestic Partner, who is an inmate at a City correctional facility or juvenile detention facility, upon the same terms and conditions under which visitation is afforded to spouses, children or parents of inmates. Visitation rights provided by this ordinance shall extend to any Dependents of either Domestic Partner, and the Domestic Partners of an inmate’s parents or children.

Use of and Access to Facilities-All facilities owned and operated by the City, including but not limited to recreational facilities, shall allow the Registered Domestic Partner of a user, and his or her Dependents, to be included in any rights and privileges accorded a spouse and children for purposes of use and access to City facilities.

The registry will be maintained by the City Clerk located at:

6801 Delmar Blvd
University City, MO 63130
Phone: 314-505-8605
Relay Missouri: 1-800-735-2966 TDD
email: City Clerk Joyce Pumm

Please contact the City Clerk with questions regarding the Domestic Partnership Registry.