Newspaper Box Permits

The City of University City Municipal Code, Section 505.110 - Newsbox Distributors governs news boxes in order to address the negative visual impact and reduce the possibility of these boxes compromising pedestrian safety, interfering with site-lines and presenting safety risks for the traveling public within our jurisdiction. The City defines news boxes as: Any self-service box, container, storage unit, newspaper vending box, or other printed material distribution device, whether coin-operated or free of charge, that is located, placed used or maintained for the display, distribution, or sale of printed material. Review the link above to read the City Code.

Failure to comply with the City Code and permitting requirements could result in the City removing the box. Further, if the vendor chronically does not comply with the City Code, the City could revoke the right-of-way permit and exclude the vendor from placing boxes in the City for a specified time period, not to exceed one year.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the Public Works and Parks Department at 314-505-8560.