Refuse Bill Payments

How to Pay Your University City Bills
Ph: (314) 505-8544
You may pay your bill by cash, with a check made payable to the City of University City, or by Visa card or MasterCard. You also have the option to pay your bill with your Visa or MasterCard by telephone.

Delinquency and Nonpayment of your University City Bill
If you do not pay your University City bills by the specified due date, University City will impose the following:

Penalties, Interest and Liens
  • Penalties and interest may be applied to unpaid University City bills.
  • A special tax bill will be issued as a lien against your property. The amount of the special tax bill will be the sum of the total current amount due, including applicable penalties and administration charges. Annual interest of 8% will accrue on the total amount due.
  • The delinquent charges initiating the lien and any other charges to your property will have to be paid in full before the lien can be released.
Prevent Occupancy Permit Issuance
You will not be able to receive an occupancy permit when the following charges are not paid:
  • Real property taxes assessed against the premises
  • City special tax bills issued against the premises
  • Neighborhood improvement district special assessments against the premises
  • Public improvement special assessments against the premises
  • City refuse service charges for the premises
  • City nuisance abatement charges for the premises
  • City weed bills
  • City planning and development fees
Making Arrangements to Pay your University City Bill
Ph: (314) 505-8544
If you are having difficulty paying your bill, you may contact Finance to work out a payment agreement. Please be advised that this does not prevent University City from enforcing consequences for delinquent and unpaid payments.