Violation Fees

Payment Options

  • Violations which can be paid without a court appearance
  • If you were involved in an ACCIDENT, you must appear in court
  • Fines and court costs are listed below
  • Payable by: cash, credit card, check or money order (made payable to: City of University City) or online at

Moving Violations


10 - 15 mph over $110.00
16 - 20 mph over $125.00
21 mph and over APPEAR IN COURT

Moving (Points Accessible)

Electronic Signal/Stop Sign $110.00
Following Too Close $110.00
Fail to Yield Right of Way $110.00
Failure to Signal $110.00
Improper Turn $110.00
Improper Lane Use $110.00
Improper Passing $110.00
Driving Without Headlights $110.00
One Headlight $110.00
Failure to Dim Headlights $110.00
No Proof of Insurance $150.00
Expired or No Drivers License $150.00
Not Motorcycle Qualified $110.00
No Helmet $110.00
Impeding or blocking Traffic $110.00
Drove on Closed Road $110.00
Driving off Roadway $110.00
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle $225.00

NON-MOVING (No Points Accessible)

Driving Without Tail-lights
Expired State License Plates
One License Plate $110.00
Plates of Another $150.00
No License Plate Light $110.00
Fail to Register Vehicle $110.00
Inspection Sticker Violation $110.00
Vision Reducing Material (Tinted Windows) $110.00
Violation Seatbelt $10.00
Violation Child Restraint $74.50