The Zoning Code of the City of University City is administered by the Planner, Zach Greatens. He may be contacted by phone at (314) 505-8501.

The University City Zoning Code should be used in conjunction with the University City Chapter 405: Subdivision and Land Development Regulations to ensure that the development of land within the city occurs in a manner that protects, provides for and promotes the public health, safety, convenience, comfort, and general welfare of the residents of University City.             

Site Plan Review

The Zoning Administrator is responsible for reviewing all site plans for new buildings, major renovations, etc. Guidelines for Site Review are available HERE.


A variance is a variation from the Zoning Code and granted (or not) by the Board of Adjustments. Information on the Variance process can be found HERE.

Conditional Use Permit

Some uses for building may require a Conditional Use Permit. Information on a Conditional Use Permit can be found HERE

Zoning Map - Click here for the latest zoning map