Administration and Engineering 


The Administration and Engineering Division is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations and staff.

Administration Division

The Administration Division manages functions such as human resources, approval of purchases/procurement, priority of work, annual goal setting, and overall strategic planning for the department. Administration interprets existing city policies and guides the development of new policies to effectively implement the directions of the City Manager and the City Council. Administration supports all divisions of the department including assembling, approving and controlling the departmental budget; all personnel actions, processing departmental contracts and invoices, and managing dissemination of public information and education activities. Administration is also responsible for developing and implementing electronic systems for data and information management and developing and implementing departmental procedures.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is involved in the management, design, construction, and review of all projects containing public infrastructure involving City right-of-way and parks. This division is involved in the long-range planning of infrastructure improvements, plan review for development projects received from the Community Development Department, coordination with utilities, and negotiation of easements. The engineering division also administers the Sanitary Sewer Lateral Repair program. This program involves assessing, preparing specifications, soliciting bidders and overseeing the repair of sewer laterals from residential units of six (6) units or less.

Street Lighting

Know Before You Call:
Address - where the light is out
Location - what side of street
Pole # - "U" + numbers
Your Name and Phone # - in case we have questions
Issue - what is wrong with the street light (light is flashing on/off, totally out, damaged)
How - if the street light was damaged by an accident, please include that information

If the number on the light pole starts with a “Z” it is privately owned by the property owner.  The account for lighting is issued to the private property owners who requested to have the light installed. The City can't report or maintain private lights.  Ameren's policy is the private owner has to call in the light issue.  They will not take a work order from city staff.

The City manages have just short of 4,000 lights.

Contact the Administration and Engineering Division

Sinan Alpaslan, Director of Public Works and Parks
Ph: (314) 505-8560